I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Bump and Beyond pre-natal and postnatal exercises to others. It is good that there are exercise sessions of this type available to pregnant ladies and new mums. The postnatal classes were a great way of motivating me to get back into exercise whilst improving my level of fitness slowly and safely post pregnancy. I find the pelvic floor exercises particularly excellent in helping to regain my pelvic floor strength. Bump and Beyond are brilliant exercise sessions to attend both during and after pregnancy. The atmosphere of the classes is always fun and relaxed whilst ensuring you get a good workout at the same time. You can feel safe in the knowledge that the exercises are safe to complete during and after pregnancy. Polly is always clear in demonstrating and explaining which exercises help which areas of the body and is always happy to give further advice and answer any questions on exercise that you might have. I feel that the classes helped maintained my level of fitness during pregnancy also.


It was great to be able to ease back into exercise without worrying that I was doing exercises that could be hazardous or too difficult during pregnancy or straight after having my baby. I attended these classes quite late in pregnancy (started at 32 weeks) and felt quite unfit but I think the few classes that I went to helped me get a bit stronger and definitely gave me a head start for my postnatal recovery.


Excellent structured session content each week. Clear instructions and demonstrations to follow each time. Polly has lots of knowledge and is very kind and considerate. She has time for everyone and even if the baby cries she makes you feel relaxed and not under pressure which is great as a new mum.


Even though I could not stay doing the same exercise as I was doing pre pregnancy it felt great to be doing something. It helped keep my energy up and weight gain down.


I enjoyed all sessions run by Polly throughout my pregnancy and after my baby had arrived. It was nice getting out of the house and keeping active. It also meant I had more energy the next day, I think it helped working out and keeping my energy levels high. Exercising with Polly whilst Pregnant helped make me feel less tired and lethargic in myself. It also made me feel healthy and better in myself working out. It also helped get rid of the stress of the day carrying a big bump and looking after an active nine year old! I definitely felt my pelvic floor strengthening and keeping active made me feel healthy. I think it helped with the recovery after I had my baby as well, also it’s helped me get back into fitness post pregnancy. Polly’s bootcamps were also brilliant – a great step up once I had restored my core and pelvic floor after I had my baby. They really aided further baby fat loss and toned me up!


The class was well structured, informal, fun and informative. The demonstrations and instructions were very clear. Polly makes you feel at ease ;)) I definitely feel doing the classes helped me stay body positive during the pregnancy. The class definitely helped post pregnancy with my pelvic floor.


Fun and relaxed sessions and I felt comfortable to be able to ask Polly for advice with exercises and problems related to pregnancy. Well structured sessions which helped keep me fit and motivated throughout pregnancy. I also felt it helped with labour and recovery.


Firstly Polly is excellent. Not only a great teacher but very supportive and flexible, allowing us to bring our babies, which really helps. Also very understanding of our individual situations and helping with physical adaptions to the exercises. It’s really fun too. I feel my overall strength is better and it is keeping my weight steady post baby.


I attended the Postnatal exercise programme. The exercises are good and make me feel like I have worked – this is good because I used to do a lot of aerobic exercise prior to pregnancy, which naturally makes me feel like I’ve worked hard so it’s good to maintain that feeling. The class atmosphere is nice and I like that exercises can be developed. Polly is helpful and approachable with all questions and I really enjoyed the sessions.


It felt reassuring to know that all of the exercises are safe in pregnancy. It made me do pelvic floor exercises! I managed my weight gain well which was partly due to staying active and attending the classes. Class content was excellent. Very friendly and welcoming but also purposeful. My individual needs were also carefully considered.


Polly has made exercise enjoyable due to her friendly nature with good content. The music is modern and helps you to enjoy the class more. The postnatal classes helped me with Weight loss and toning. I really like the fact that I do the class with my fellow NCT mums – we are very close and support each other through the class and have a giggle too!! Highly recommend to new mums who want to do exercise but not a full on boot camp!!


The exercises were appropriate in pregnancy but still physically challenging. I felt Strong and mobile throughout pregnancy with appropriate weight gain. I also enjoyed meeting other pregnant ladies. It definitely helped with strength throughout my pregnancy and a faster recovery after. I would definitely recommend the class to any pregnant lady.


Love the variety of the exercises – every week is different so it is NEVER boring! Like the fact that there is different sections for different body parts – eg cardio, core, upper body etc Also like the fact that we are making progress – increasing the time/weights etc. Have lost a stone in weight, am eating better and feel so much better about myself. The Mummy Bootcamp is very good – instructions are clear, exercises appropriate, the sessions are fun but hard work and I love attending. Polly gently pushes us and encourages us despite the moaning and groaning!!! Definitely feel like I have worked hard after every session! Definitely would recommend to others (and have!)


Structured with repetitive excerises to aid toning, strengthening and maintaining my fitness. Clear explanations about what to do and when to breathe. Always felt better for going. Would recommend to others.


It’s nice that the routine is changed so often. I also really enjoyed it when Polly explained what the exercise was working and why that is so important. It made the later stages of pregnancy better as I seemed very unfit at the start. It can only have made labour and recovery easier. Really needed the new mum class to realise my limitations and the important of taking exercise slowly so not to really injure myself. I loved the structure of the class, in that you would do powerful exercises done in short blasts, with a very knowledgeable instructor who totally understands our problems as a mum herself.


Sessions are brilliant! It’s great that I’m active as a new mum, the sessions are enjoyable and it makes you work too! Instructions are really clear and it’s helpful being reminded about setting your tummy muscles throughout. I can definitely see my fitness improving, my tummy muscles strengthening and toning my muscles. The exercises are also transferable into my gym routines too. I love the sessions and would definitely recommend to other new mums.


It keeps me fit and helps me to loose some more of my post pregnancy weight. it seems to cover all body parts during the exercises.

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