ReBuildAMumOur 10 week New Mum Fitness & Restoration Exercise programme is for new mums and is designed to exercise you safely after Pregnancy and restore all your core abdominal and pelvic floor muscles as well as target all over toning, aiding with fat loss as well as gradually increasing your fitness and stamina. Our sessions are designed to meet the needs of all women who have recently had a baby, whether it’s your first baby, second, third baby etc., with the aim of strengthening your body and increasing your fitness to make your mummy body and mind fit, strong and healthy.

Each session is carefully structured to target all areas of your body after baby has arrived with the aim of you feeling like you’ve had a workout but in a structured and low impact way, so as to ensure you ease yourself into exercise carefully and slowly. You’ll definitely feel like you’ve ignited those muscles again and will work up a sweat in the process!

The 10 week programme involves weekly exercise sessions with our Pre & Postnatal Exercise Specialist who’ll deliver a progressive exercise plan for you week on week (more than one session is available to those who prefer). Nutritional advice, dietary analysis and meal planning is also incorporated into this programme, if required, to guide you on a safe journey in losing baby weight without counting calories or a rigid regime of what to eat. Instead a clean, healthy diet plan is provided to ensure you’re eating healthily and efficiently as a new mum.

Each exercise session will last one hour and will be a progressive exercise session with a combination of aerobic fitness moves (movements to get your heart beating), strengthening, toning and core and pelvic floor strengthening movements, core breathing, movements to aid good posture and finishing with some stretching and relaxation.

These sessions are for all women who have just had a baby, whether it’s your first baby or subsequent babies after your 6 week postnatal check up for a vaginal delivery and 8-10 weeks postnatally for those delivered by C-Section (dependant on your healing). You must been given the all clear to participate in exercise by your GP to participate in the sessions.

Our programme is available to women in the Swindon and Marlborough and surrounding areas in the UK. The same programme is also available Online. Please see our Personal Training and Online Programme page to find out more.

Please see our personal training and online programmes for price plans and details.

Please email Polly on or phone 07936 578810 to book the programme and further information.

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Whilst pregnant with my first son I approached Polly to help me maintain my fitness in the lead up to his birth. After this, when I was ready we started to work on regaining my pre pregnancy shape and tone. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with, a mum herself, she knew exactly how I was feeling and was sensitive to my post pregnancy body insecurities. Within weeks I was feeling more confident in my own skin thanks to her guidance and tuition. I’ve recently had my second child and am looking forward to working with her again. Exercise can be daunting for a new Mum but Polly’s classes and one on one training make it a lot easier!
Polly has helped me regain my pre baby body after I had my first baby last year. I found the exercises good fun and found I worked all the parts of my body that needed working with fantastic results! Polly is very knowledgeable about pre and postnatal fitness and is very careful about not letting you overdo it and will always make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly. I got my figure back really quickly and my body feels much stronger and fitter than it did before.
I have been on one of Polly’s weight management programmes and in 9 weeks I have lost nearly a stone in weight and have learnt how to eat more healthily, learnt different types of exercises which suit me and have enjoyed exercising again! I’m so pleased with the results – I never thought I would be able to shift my last bit of weight I gained after having my children! Polly made the classes fun, informative and very relaxed